Fonte Dell Angelo
Via Vittazzi n.12/18,62039
Castelsantangelo sul Nera (MC)

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Cel : (0039)348 7043458
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p_0015We are in the heart of the Sibillini National Park, near dall’altopiano Castelluccio di Norcia, famous for its lentils and the 50 sq km of plains and without an electric wire without a tree or stop the continuuità. The natural environment is extremely diverse and rich: it is easy to see wild animals flower details.

In our environment you can enjoy the green gold dell’AltoNera, a deciduous forest of 10,000 hectares with the highest index of woodiness in Italy.

The large ring of Sibillini is a walk of about 120 km that covers the whole mountain range, is fully reported and is divided into nine sections. It ‘is suitable for both hiking trails that mountain bikers.

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